Madeline Johnson

Office Assistant

Madeline has been working with the ABC family since January 2019, serving as an Office Assistant. She graduated from The Dunham School in 2018 and is now an undergraduate student at Louisiana State University studying to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. As an Office Assistant, Madeline acts as a lifeline to our therapists, helping them prepare for sessions, collect materials for new activities, and purchase and organize new therapy materials and supplies. Madeline plays a major role in our social groups by continuing lessons when our therapists are leading parent meetings. Her bright smile and welcoming personality shine when greeting patients and welcoming families into our waiting room. Madeline loves getting to watch all the therapists interact with the patients at ABC because she knows one day she will have her own patients!


When she is not working or busy with school, Madeline enjoys shopping, everything fashion, and being with her friends and family.