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Nate Hausmann
Patient Records Manager


A native of Louisiana and graduate of Episcopal High School, Nate  joined the ABC family in July 2020. 


Nate is the Patient Records Manager. He is responsible for scanning all patient records into digital copies, maintaining ABC's patient registry, and creating excel spreadsheets for managing and storing data.   


Nate is an entrepreneur in his free time.  He has authored a children's book titled, N8's ABC Animals, written in both English and Hebrew.  He has his very own website,, where he sells personalized ABC Animals picture books that include names of family members, ABC Animal cards, children's blocks, and matching card games!


In his free time, Nate enjoys traveling with his family.  He likes to visit his siblings who have followed their careers to Oregon, New York, and Washington state. Nate loves spending time with family and friends, attending festivals, and participating in his synagogue.  

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