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Speech-Language and Hearing Screenings 

The Speech-Language Pathologists at Access to Better Communication feel that early identification and treatment of difficulties in development and/or learning are vital for every child. A screening can identify any speech, language, or hearing areas that may need further evaluation. Screenings are provided in our clinic setting or on-site at daycares, preschools, and private and parochial schools in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. 

Access to Better Communication offers the following screening services:

  • Impedance Testing/Tympanometry - will test middle ear function. Results will indicate either normal middle ear functioning or the presence of possible middle ear pathology (e.g., fluid, wax build-up, etc.). 

  • Hearing Audiological Screening - will determine if a child can hear and respond to three different pure tone frequencies in each ear. It helps detect hearing loss. 

  • Speech/Language Screening - will assess a child's production of age-appropriate sounds in speech, voice, fluency in conversation, understanding of language, and the use of language to express ideas at an age appropriate level. 

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