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Developing a Social Compass

At Access to Better Communication, our Social Compass Groups are designed to help children in preschool through high school develop social abilities to successfully navigate life's complex social situations.

Topics addressed:

  • Attending to social cues: gestures, body language, facial expressions and reactions of others  

  • Using appropriate gestures, body language and expressions while interacting with others 

  • Initiating, maintaining, and taking turns during conversation 

  • Considering the thoughts and feelings of others in academic and social situations 

  • Decreasing socially and emotionally inappropriate behaviors 

  • Deflecting bullying

  • Problem-solving and coping with anxiety 

  • Asking and answering questions

  • Emotional regulation

Highlights include:

  • Small group meetings at ABC and in the community to practice newly developed skills in various social activities and settings 

  • Use of role play to develop an increased awareness of the perspectives and thoughts and feelings of others 

  • Flexibility in thinking through the practice of alternative strategies 

  • Learning alongside peers with similar social needs 

  • Direct parent education following each session 

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