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Reading and Writing for Classroom Success 

Reading and written expression are complex activities that are highly dependent on learning ability, knowledge of the world, experiences with sounds and print, and overall language ability. Children may experience difficulty in any of the areas including oral reading, silent reading, reading comprehension, and written expression. They may lack a solid foundation of sound/letter knowledge, phonological processing skills, and/or receptive and expressive language abilities. At Access to Better Communication, our therapists are experienced in working with children with reading and writing difficulties. Several of our therapists specialize in dyslexia intervention. 


Intervention for reading may include:

  • Facilitating acquisition of sound to letter knowledge

  • Strengthening phonological processing skills, including phonological awareness, phonological memory, and rapid naming 

  • Utilizing an evidence-based systematic multi-sensory program to increase decoding and spelling skills for struggling readers or students with dyslexia 

  • Increasing comprehension through specific strategies that highlight text structures and encourage discussion of content 

Intervention for writing may include:

  • Increasing knowledge of story elements and text structure 

  • Strengthening a student's ability to plan and organize ideas

  • Supporting a student's ability to monitor progress and edit content 

  • Facilitating the connection between reading and writing and a student's ability to respond to text based questions 

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