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Becca Ferron,  MA, CCC-SLP

A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Becca joined the ABC family in June 2020. Becca earned both a Bachelor of Science (B.S) and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Saint Louis University. She is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association. 


Becca provides speech-language services to children from the toddler age through adolescence with a variety of diagnoses including: fluency disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, articulation/phonological deficits, developmental delays, language processing disorders, reading difficulties, social skill/pragmatic difficulties, and expressive and receptive language disorders. Becca holds a special interest in working with fluency disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and speech sound disorders.



Becca enjoys being a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist because of her passion for working with children and helping them reach their full potential. Becca makes therapy individualized for each child to meet them where they are and help support them in reaching their goals. She believes in using positive reinforcement to motivate children to participate and succeed in therapy and beyond.



When not working, Becca enjoys walking her dog around University Lake, traveling to see friends and family, and learning to cook new dishes. 

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