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Summer Groups

ABC is excited to offer group programs that will meet weekly to help support your child's speech, language, social, reading, and writing abilities in a fun and supportive environment throughout the summer! Check out the groups we are offering:

Social Compass (all ages) 

  • This group's focus will be on developing communication skills through a social - cognitive method to help your child successfully navigate the social world. This group also participates in field trips throughout the summer for a fun way to practice the skills they are learning! 


Story Time with Friends (ages 4-6)

  • This group's focus will be increasing early literacy skills including phonemic awareness, print awareness, and story telling. We love to incorporate hands on activities to help our students learn! Let us help you prepare your little one for next school year!

Readers and Authors (ages 6+)

  • This group's focus will be improving reading fluency, reading comprehension, and written expression. This is a great environment for your child to improve their reading and writing while having fun over the summer! Summer reading can be hard...but we are here to help!

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